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A working performer to a corporate professional, capturing that perfect headshot is key! As a fellow actor, Danielle is the perfect person to customize appropriate makeup for your next shoot. This is a photoshoot you are spending your hard earned dollars on and guaranteeing you are going to get THE shot, camera-ready makeup is a must. For both women and men!


Performers to business professionals, you are always competing for that job.

If you don’t look the part in the headshot or portrait, casting or clients will see it as a direct reflection of what you bring to the job. 


It is not everyday you get a professional photo taken. Treat yourself and feel confident knowing that you will look and feel great. You will smile brighter, stand taller and make your photographers job easier. Camera-ready makeup will allow many more options for you to chose from, guaranteeing you’ll have plenty to pick from! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Header image: Dean Michaels  Photography

Photographer: Michael Hull Photography

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